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Commitment is a rich combination of interest with effort – both physical and intellectual! When we are really committed, we are, at least, trying, which is the first step in order to achieve something. To achieve, one has to be willing to try and to fail and to get better.
Enough times… UNTIL! And, for that, one needs commitment!

without trying, we can’t even fail.
without failing, we can’t try to improve.
without getting better, we won’t ever  succeed.


I believe we have the obligation of being loyal!
with ourselves and the others.

Loyalty demands mutual respect and a healthy self-image, grounds from which trust can flourish and consolidate with time. In this dimensional plan we live, rare or no relationship is “eternal”, but any one can be as longer as much loyalty is invested by both parts of the relation.

In my dictionary, it is the sum total of the energy to give it all in every moment and in all circumstances, with the determination, the will and the desire to improve the performance, a little bit, the next day.

the pledge to be the best i can possibly be
in every opportunity i have
and improve every single time i have the chance to!

Life has been giving me the opportunity to live and understand that:

“the truth will set you free!”

Truth is one of the biggest challenges our society faces nowadays, where it became easy, ordinary and socially acceptable to lie. In many circumstances it seems mandatory, as truth can be very hard to be handled. We do it under many solid excuses and, apparently, plausible. We also do it with ourselves, with even more solid and persuasive arguments, every so often no to deal with sensitive subjects or to ease the emotional pressure of certain facts.
The cost of this behavior is the slow erosion of the reality perception ability and the challenges vs opportunities analisys. This origins a distortion of individual, or even collective reality. When we are not in truth, we open the doors to ignorance, doubt and fear.

Truth frees the creative power, the self-confidence and the courage to face the challenges that arise in our path!

the study of reality through the truth of the facts
allows us to understand them as such
and find the solutions where we before saw the problems!

In everything! Between personal and professional lifes! between the praise and the criticism! Between wise and crazy!
Balance implies at least two parts. And that’s good! Monopolies are not very healthy! Balance has ambiguity: has the good and the bad, has the skydive and the passive meditation of a buddhist monk. Has the joy and the sadness, the victory and defeat. Has both failure and success!

balance has the paradox, the lesson;
and, in paradox, we go to the extremes
to find that point, unique to each of us,
where we are well.

The secret of the true Masters. If we recall, in our personal and professional lives, all the ones who left a mark in us or the ones we look(ed) up to; if we read the books and search for the ones who left their mark in the World in a positive and constructive way, we find one common virtue: humility!
Humility to accept what is different, to be willing and able to learn with anyone else, to recognize flaws and try to improve. Humility to being loyal and truthful. Humility and gratitude to learn the lesson and so, open the doors to new possibilities and opportunities.


they are ALL connected among themselves.
without TRUTH, there’s no possible LOYALTY.
as if there’s no loyalty, there will hardly be truth.
BALANCE between personal and professional lifes
which combined with EXPERIENCE and the necessary MATURATION time,


With these values in symbiosis, I find the PASSION in my profession and the FAITH, in the hard moments, to continue moving forward, fruit of the awareness and certainty that I’m in the right path, living my MISSION, which gives me the persistence to fight for my client’s interests, until the goal is reached and satisfaction is total!


My Vision

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