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Some of the companies that have already trusted my work and dedication, in all fields, either as a service provider, partner or a volunteer:

To all of you, with all my appreciation and gratitude,

I thank you!

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“I believe in the future there will only be space for professional and competent companies and people. Like a sports club needs a good manager, each company, to keep up with today’s market, will need to have a good coach. Nuno Quelhas is at the best our country has to offer in this field of expertise. Thank you for all you have done, so that our growth becomes a reality.”

Filipe Abreu | Sales Manager @ Montakit

“Nuno, is what i define as a Rising Star. Every person who knows him for more than 2 years, could saw from distance the deep transformation that happened. As always had the help of others, but i attribute this growth and success to his deep commitment to high standards, and everyday focus and work to achieve his goals. He succeed when and where many never believed he would be capable of, and the proof is that in 2 years he become from unemployed to company owner, showing to all that a dream is what guides you in the dark. As you see deeply committed to his job and tasks, will understand your needs and surprise you with a great job. Punctual, trustworthy and joyful. Hire him… let him do his job… and become yourself amazed with the result.”

Ivo Gomes | Sales & Brand Manager @ Golden Lotus Lda

“Nuno is an excellent trainer, with an unusual capability to connect to people and share knowledge with them.”

João Canas | Senior Associate @ PricewaterhouseCoopers

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