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“To be with Nuno Quelhas is an opportunity to change our life. The fact of being given to us all the tools for our personal development is a plus for nowadays. It’s in our hands to use what we have at our reach. Good luck to all attendants of this magnificent workshop.”

Tânia Palma Barão | Customer Support Manager @ Mobizapp

“I believe in the future there will only be a place for professional and competent companies and people. Like a sports club needs a good manager, each company, to keep up with today’s market, will need to have a good coach. Nuno Quelhas is at the best our country has to offer in this field of expertise. Thank you, for all you have done, so that our growth becomes a reality.”

Filipe Abreu | Sales Manager @ Montakit

“Nuno is an excellent trainer, with an unusual capability to connect to people and share knowledge with them.”

João Canas | Senior Associate @ PricewaterhouseCoopers

“It’s a huge pleasure to be trained by one of the best national public speakers, like you, in my company…”

Pedro Effen | Network-Marketing Entrepreneur

“Of all, you’re the best motivational speaker I’ve had the chance to listen. I identify myself with your way of living and constantly fight to get where we want.”

Gonçalo Cruz | Network-Marketing Entrepreneur

“Nuno is the best trainer I’ve ever met. Very professional, but, above all, an excellent human being.”

Anonymous | Senior Associate @ PricewaterhouseCoopers

“The approach to the subjects was made in an extremely creative and defiant way. Gave me excellent communication tools and reinforced my selling skills and clearly increased my trust levels both as professional and as a person. Thank you Nuno!”

Anonymous | Senior Associate @ PricewaterhouseCoopers

“Knew how to bring to light the qualities ans the most positive aspects of both our professional and personal personalities. Thank you!”

Anónimo | Senior Associate @ PricewaterhouseCoopers

“There are no words to describe. I’m your fan! I love listening to you and seeing you on stage… your teachings are incredible… I can’t wait for the next training with you… Thank you!”

Mónica Rodrigues | Network-Marketing Entrepreneur

“Congratulations Nuno and thank you for the way you transmit to us all your knowledge. There’s no doubts you’re in the right path and are going to reach all your goals. Strong hug.”

Luis Almeida | Network-Marketing Entrepreneur

“Nuno made me realize, for his daily posture, that we can always go a step further. Thank you for the friendship.”

Paulo Ferreira | Personal Trainer & Senior Partner at PURE training solutions

“It was excellent! I’d like to thank Nuno for his great performance, which lead the trainees to excel and brought up a great performance among colleagues, to no discrimination and the trainees not feeling embarraced for talking.
Thank you very much!”

Anónimo | Sales Consultant @ General Motors Authorized Distributor

“The first time I was with Nuno, in one of his trainings, we had a very intense energy exchange. Nuno, keep on spreading that flame.”

Bruno Martins | Real Estate Broker @ RE/MAX Lounge

“your language, aparently less sophisticated, but with which you can really penetrate and become understood by everybody, results in the best way to transmit the message.”

Agostinho Cardoso | Network-Marketing Entrepreneur

“Thank you very much, congratulations and success, it was tremendously fantastic, once again you’ve impressed even the most resistents, everyone was praising you. Only with a lot of knowledge, persistence and determination one can go forward. CONGRATULATIONS for your dedication to all of us…”

Sónia Costa | Network-Marketing Entrepreneur

“fantastic training! 🙂 Congratulations! it was the first time I saw you, but I loved! […] fantastic trainings with fenomenal trainers..”

Liliana Santos | Network-Marketing Entrepreneur

“… many of the things i’ve heard from you made me think and act differently and I’ve been having excellent results in my life. You’re an excellent speaker and a ‘man with a CAPITAL M’. I love your workshops…”

Paula Simões | Network Marketing Entrepreneur

please leave here YOUR testimonial…

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