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I was invited to be a co-author of the book PNL & Coaching, of Editora Leader, S.Paulo, Brazil.
for this project were selected and invited renowed professionals from Mexico, Japan, Germany, Brazil… and me, from Portugal!
I leave here a short transcript of the book’s pre-lauching interview…

(coming soon the english version!)
you can download the full interview at the end of the transcript.

interview with Andréia Roma – CEO e Director Editora Leader

“Today, I recognize that it was very important for my personal development as a man, allowing me to live very enriching experiences, essentially in the field of social and interpersonal relations, which was, in my adolescence, a very challenging area for me, and clearly underdeveloped.
When I finished university, I was like reemerging from a deep depressive process. Something that I identified as the end of a life cycle and the consequent rebirth.
It was in this context that I was “hit” (the sensation was something like that) for something ‘they’ called “personal development”. The concepts, the ideas, the mindset, the attitude of the people I met, turned me upside down and broke many of the ‘structural thoughts’ I had, many of them cultural and so very hard to change for so many people. If something goes ‘outside the box’, our internal defenses tend to yell “NO!”, and my experience has proven to me that we need to be in process almost chaotic for us to finally give up and accept drastic changes in our role in Life!”

Read here the full interview
(in portuguese! english version coming soon!)…
read the original in Editora Leader’s blog
full interview


CIGA® a formação – Ciclo de Integração de Grupos Activos

A training manual, for trainers who are giving the first steps into this magical and loving field.
A book that should be read and studied carefully, so one can take the full profit of the subtle, yet valuable information it contains about the secrets of group training facilitation.

In a metaphorical exercise, it can be understood and applied in human resources management and teambuilding in organizations.

My gift to you…
free! (portuguese version only)
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