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* motivational consulting

* neurocommunication

* corporate venues

* public speeches

* selection & recruiting

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* reality check: present, short and medium term analysis

* goal definition and medium term solutions

* long term goal definition

* organization’s philosophy definition: Vision-Mission-Values

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“I believe in the future there will only be space for professional and competent companies and people. Like a sports club needs a good manager, each company, to keep up with today’s market, will need to have a good coach. Nuno Quelhas is at the best our country has to offer in this field of expertise. Thank you, for all you have done, so that our growth becomes a reality.”

Filipe Abreu | Sales Manager @ Montakit

“Nuno is an excellent trainer, with an unusual capability to connect to people and share knowledge with them.”

João Canas | Senior Associate @ PricewaterhouseCoopers

“The approach to the subjects was made in an extremely creative and defiant way. Gave me excellent communication tools and reinforced my selling skills and clearly increased my trust levels both as professional and as a person. Thank you Nuno!”

Anonymous | Senior Associate @ PricewaterhouseCoopers

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