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Personal Mentoring is a process through which you can access to the most relevant informations and insights about yourself, in a combination of introspection, self-analysis, inner-(re)discovery and lifedesigning, that will help you to gain and maintain the right focus and motivation to achieve a whole new level of experiences in your life!

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IndigoCoaching differs from LifeCoaching & Personal Mentoring mainly in the focus on the individual’s balance between the emotional and spiritual levels. IndigoCoaching sessions are an exploration of Life’s options, emotional sharing, fear collapsing, Law of Forgiveness application and spiritual reencounter with the inner child, through processes that will help you feeling more inner peace, spiritual serenity and Gratitude, which will allow you to reach energetic vibrations where you’ll feel more confidence and fulfillment in your Life!

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“’I have not send you but angels’
It’s the sentence that better describes your presence, your sweet and wise presence in my life!
Thanks to you, your dedication and kindness, my vision of myself and what surrounds me has become much clearer, because you taught me to look inside, and only so one can truly awake.”

Rosarinho Matias | Lifecoach & General Manager @ Viveiro de Talentos

“Nuno has the strength of a man in peace with himself that manages to transmit, with that power, a quiet flow of strength to anyone around him. Near or far, more regularly together or not, it’s fantastic the way we connect ourselves. What an extraordinary man, what a great friend I have.”

Bruno Martins | Agente Imobiliário @ RE/MAX Charme

“Nuno was like a lightning bolt that came through my life. It’s impossible to stay indifferent! With him, I learned that believing in ourselves is fundamental to reach any personal or professional goals. His approach to any Management theme has a very unique touch e makes any presentation in a magical moment and full of energy! It is common that, after hearing him, one wants to turn the world upside down! Of reaching everything one ever dreamt about… thus, I advise a ‘moderate consumption’! 🙂 Thank you for existing, Nuno!”

Helena Miranda | Senior Associate @ PricewaterhouseCoopers

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