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I am an independent consultant, specialized in the behavioral psychology and the personal development fields. My interventions in the companies use the techniques of last generation systemic NLP and coaching, focusing on the individual behind the professional, for a hi-performance of the last and personal realization of the first, which results in a strong and healthy organics within the Organization, building the conditions for its success.

Throughout a continuous process of individual and group needs analysis, my intervention in the company uses both one-on-one and collective training sessions, so that the Organization’s message and culture can be transmitted to the whole and absorbed by the parts. These disciplines and dynamics are fundamental for the Organization groups’ building, consolidating and maturity processes, which demand excellent leadership, communication, rapport, teamwork and effectiveness skills.

Helping the chains of leadership to specify the triad Vision-Mission-Values and to integrate the culture in the day-by-day internal routines, will be a powerful help to define the Organizations image in the market and improve results, by the increase of individual satisfaction on work and thus individual and global efficiency. Helping tracing individual and setting team goals and plans of action, regarding individual motivation subprocesses, communication on managing people and conflicts, are keys stones where behavioral psychology sees itself playing a stronger part and recognition.

At team level, we work on improving communications in all its parts, mainly non-verbal, the secret of all productive and effective relations, which overflows to basically all the main professional areas: sales, public attending, complain management, micro-management, conflict resolution, team leadership and so many others that include 2 or more human beings…

I’m at your service!


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